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      Becky's Professional career began as an art teacher. Her interest in pottery led to the establishment of her own studio in 1975. The clay provided a natural transition into sculpture. Her earliest works were the product of a life drawing group in Helena, MT. The clay figures shared kiln space with the pottery, and soon began to appear on the shelves at her semi-annual studio shows. In 1990, she began casting much of her work in bronze.

Native of Valley City, North Dakota, Becky's childhood memories are the basis for many of her subjects. Growing up in a small town and spending time on her grandparents' farm instilled many of the simple pleasures that appear in her work. Her nostalgic and sensitive subjects can best described as Americana with a feminine touch, capturing moments of everyday life.

hildren are a favorite subject for Becky. From quiet, introspective  moods to reckless enthusiasm, she captures the moment with her trademark of flowing motion. her figures seem to move before the viewer's eyes.

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